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See Item 5 for " Aikido in MMA " article.

Rik Ellis a student of Aikido and a MMA/ Cage fighter offers his thoughts on Aikido in MMA...Dojo Aikido should stay there - To be applicable as a self-defence you need to be able to adapt...few can !...
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The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event May 14th 2005.

This movie slide-show offers an indepth look at this very special day of Budo.Narrated by Henry Ellis.


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis - Arrival of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei to the UK - Development of British Budo.


USAF UK Air Base 1963 European Judo Championships

Earliest known UK film of a Public Aikido Demonstration 1963 - Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Geoff Goodwin...Taken at the " UK West Drayton - USAF Air Base European Judo Championships..The film is old and quality not so good - a piece of British Aikido History..A 4 star General presiding said he enjoyed the demo so much he asked for the demonstration to be carried out a second time.

Rik Ellis Aikido-MMA vs Rus Dennis 6th dan Taikwondo-MMA
Another first round win in 46 seconds.

Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido - Aikido Push-ups

In the early days of British Aikido with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei ``every student `` would do these Aikido push-ups.


Item: 1
Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman 6th dan International BiranKai - AikiKai.. students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from the mid 1950s..Diploma's signed by ~ Osensei M Ueshiba No 349 ~ K Abbe ~ M Nakazono ~ M Noro ~ TK Chiba ~ Doshu M Ueshiba
Item: 2
H Ellis ~ D Eastman & D Rogers co-authors of the book ` Positive Aikido `.Visit Positive Aikido & * Aikido Books Blog * Click >Aikido Books

Article by Henry Ellis a pioneer of British Aikido - " Is Aikido a Martial Art ? "" Is Aikido a Martial Art " Read Click here

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Scroll down this page for the Rik Ellis article " Aikido in MMA "..

Rik Ellis article "" Aikido in MMA ""
Rik Ellis wins last three fight in the 1st round in 26 seconds & 47 seconds 62 seconds.
Nick Chapman Fighter ~ Cardio Coach ~ Rik Ellis.
<- The Lull before the Storm ~ Aiki relaxation before the fight.

Item: 5

Rik Ellis Aikido & MMA Blog Rik Ellis Aikido MMA Blog

Rik Ellis Fight Video

AIKIDO in MMA by Rik Ellis

Just my personal thoughts on this often discussed subject.

By Rik Ellis

I am a MMA / Aikido Cage Fighter

Trained by Suleman Raja of Prize Fighters Gym Farnborough and the Fight Science Gym Aldershot with Nick headhunter Chapman. I have a strong background in Traditional Aikido. There has been a great deal of interest in the transference of Aikido technique and movement into MMA with the influence of the action movie actor Steven Segal with his strong dynamic style of Aikido which is similar to that taught to me by my father Henry Ellis a pioneer of British Aikido from 1957.

Modern Aikido

Modern Aikido receives a great deal of criticism from the public and fellow martial artists, the ridicule is often justified. I too have been vilified for my involvement in MMA by some Aikidoka from the safety of their computers.

Steven Seagal

I admire the Aikido of Steven Seagal for the Aikido in his early videos showing a positive traditional style of Aikido, a man who shows Aikido to be a martial art, there are many in the Aikido community that dislike Seagal Sensei saying that he portrays Aikido in a violent light and would like to see the bad guys beat him up to show that his Aiki is love.
Allow me to explain my thinking on this issue.

Kicking & Punching in Aikido

I have studied Traditional Aikido with my father Henry Ellis 6th dan Aikido – AikiKai Hombu International Birankai - I began at the age of 5 years. My father taught me the art of 'Traditional Aikido' as taught to him by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in the 1950s and 60s. The modern misguided Aikidoka say "there is no kicking or punching in Aikido!" Believe me, there is in my fathers Aikido! (See my photos and fight films). These same sad people bleat on my video comments, " I don't see Aikido." The reason they don't see Aikido is because they are looking for their stylized choreography dojo Aikido where two people are harmonizing with each other.
Anyone who has had to use Aikido in a truly hostile situation will tell you that it looked nothing like the training in the dojo, one needs to be able to adapt him/herself and their technique to any situation. For me, my Aikido is in my mind and my body.

The need to Adapt

I make no pretence of offering myself on a plate to my opponent / assailant with a stylized Aikido posture, the biggest mistake in the cage or street is to offer your opponent your leading leg or arm, you will be down before you know what has happened and all your Aiki love will be pounded out of you.( welcome to the real world ).
Most students of Aikido have their favourite uke to practice with and that goes a big step further with senior teachers who travel across country or even abroad will take their personal uke with them WHY ? My father told me that when Kisshomura Ueshiba came to Britain many years ago , he insisted that he have his assistant with him, this was at some additional great expense, yet there were many high grade teachers on the seminar to make use of.

Aikido - Ego and the Birth of the Plastic Samurai

Make no mistake, I respect Aikido and its principals. I do not respect the people who over the years with their inflated grades and ego's have tried to change what was once a martial art into some quasi religion to suit their own needs and purposes. These people use this BS to avoid a real situation or a conflict where they may one day need to apply some of the vaporized BS they have been harmonizing and teaching for years. If a student has a strong spirit they are often condemned as having ` a fighting mind ` . I believe it was Confucius that said “ You build your house or dojo with bullshit it will eventually all fall in on you “

As real as it gets.

Your opponent in the cage is for real, he is as real as your street assailant, the difference being the MMA guy is a professional fighter who has no intention of trying to harmonize with you. You will not see me turn my back on my opponent, I will, and do, apply wrist locks and arm bars, but you will not see any large circular movements, if you open your closed Aikido mind to some reality, you may just see a fighter who is "very" relaxed before and during each fight. Look a little closer, you may just see some very condensed body contact techniques - irmi nage or an irimi tenkan and other techniques which turn my opponent either into or off of the cage wall.

Effective transferable technique

In ground work training I have often submitted my opponents with Kotegaesh ~ Nikkyo and Sankyo very effectively. My father, who came from Judo to Aikido, says that the best of the early Aikido masters came from Judo such as K. Abbe, T. Abe, M. Nakazono, TK Chiba, the first British student of Aikido was Ken Williams Sensei who was a 3rd dan Judoka! These teachers know how to apply their bodies to maximum effect in tight techniques. Judo is one of the basic foundations for MMA.

Ring a Ring a Rosies

If you think that your pure mind and body will help you in a real `street situation' you are going to be sadly disappointed. You don't have to believe me, just wait, whether you want it or not, trouble is never too far away in this day and age, just ask my father who has been teaching `"Traditional Aikido" since 1957. If you are a student of Ki Aikido don't wait around for your assailants to all fall down before you touch them, they don’t know they are supposed to do that ! and please don't tell your street opponent that Aiki is love, when you wake up you will realize what a really stupid mistake you made.

AiKiKiDo - Hug a Tree Today

Why is it that Aikido now attracts so many of the tree hugging types, Aikido to music and the bizarre example of Aikido movement demonstrated with multi coloured ribbons and strobe tubes complete with music. Ki Aikido students being taught to breath through their toes.Ki students trying to knock apples off each others heads with the power of their Ki. They believe their fantasy technique is real and claim " The first duty of an Aikidoka is to protect their attacker " are they so deluded to believe they can totally control any hostile situation ?.. What I find so odd about the Ki fanatics is their techniques will only work on their own students.

It is strange that in the early days there was Aikido, Ki being an inclusive part - Now we have AikiKido - just doesn't make sense.

My father has said many times that he would never have studied the Aikido that he sees offered today. Aikido is a "martial" art.

My father would say “ Don’t come to me for spirituality – get that from your local church. Don’t come here expecting me to make you a better person – that was the chore of your parents and school teachers. If it’s the mystical your after, see Houdini. I am here to teach you the martial art of Aikido.

The Samurai spirit is all but gone.

Added with my fathers permission, a recent email extract from Jiro Nakazono Sensei the son of Masahilo Nakazono Sensei sent to my father.

I am 60; though I was too young to be a part of the "Pioneer Generation" of European Aikido, I lived right next to the warriors who at each demonstration they gave invited any challenger on the mat from the public.
When my father was invited to the Foreign Legion in Marseilles with Tadashi Abe sensei, they were met with two big soldiers hiding behind both side of the door with Baseball Bats... They were true Martial Artists, and their
students were aspiring to follow their footsteps. Some did, and some chose a more civilized way, which is today's Aikido.
I met Henry Ellis sensei on the mat for the first time in 2007, I believe he was over 70, and he gave me a Nikyo I felt for 4 months afterwards. It was a completely different generation. Jiro Nakazono ( 45 years in Aikido).

Rik Ellis

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See item 17 for comments..


Item: 6

About the Author
Visit my blogsite for a photo slideshow and videos.
Rik Ellis a professional MMA fighter and a long time student of Traditional Aikido from the age of five years. Rik was involved in the production of the book " Positive Aikido " with his father and Derek Eastman Sensei and the author Dave Rogers Sensei in New Mexico. His father is Henry Ellis 6th dan Aikido - International BiranKai. and a pioneer of British Aikido from its inception in the 1950s as a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei the legendary Budo Master.

Rik Ellis Fight Video


Item: 7

>Rik Ellis ~ Aikido / MMA ~ Pre-Fight TV interview by Mark Carling featuring Nick ` Headhunter` Chapman & Rik Ellis ~ Followed by Rik's 27 seconds Fight win Footage from UK1 MMA on " WarTime TV " Click here Click for Fight Footage When visiting this site PLEASE click on ``Old Shows`` then ``screen 3`` ( with a guy sitting in a white gi ). This will then show the Rik Ellis interview and fight.........

Item: 8

The demise of true `Traditional Aikido` and the `Rise of the Plastic Samurai `..

Item: 9

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Item: 10

< Henry Ellis Admin....Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1918> 1985.Ellis A direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957 ~ Pioneer of British Aikido....In the right hand column you will find a list of various articles of interest. The `true` history of British Aikido is well documented from its inception in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1918 ~ 1985...There are controversial articles such as " Aikido in MMA " by Rik Ellis...also " Is Aikido a Martial Art ? " . Articles on British Budo...There are articles documenting the appalling conduct of the " British Aikido Board " the crass governing body for Aikido in the UK.

Item: 11

Scroll down for the controversial article " AIKIDO in MMA "by Rik Ellis

Rik Ellis a student of Aikido from the age of five years. Rik is also a positive fighter, visit Rik's blog above... See the short article " What is Wrong with Ki Aikido " ...Rik, as with his father Henry, are often accused of knocking Aikido, that is not so, they are knocking the idiots that bring Aikido into ridicule...

Item: 12

Support the proud British Aikido history and lineage, left in our care by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei the father of all UK Aikido from its inception in 1955`. Not only for the students of today, but future generations of students..The only thing needed for the BAB & Jack Poole & their cohorts to triumph is that good men and women do nothing...

Item: 13

Ex BAB Executive finally reveals the Shocking TRUTH !

Visit the " Aikido Controversy Blog " Click Click

Item: 14

BAB Chairman Mr V Sumpter. BAB Secretary..Ms Shirley Timms.


Item: 15

Shocking Revelations !!
British Aikido Board ex-executive reveals the disgraceful conduct of the BAB executive as they secretly conspire to slander the GOOD NAME of British Aikido pioneer Henry Ellis to protect the fraudulent claims of Mr Jack Poole and the BAB Revelations of a BAB Executive ~ Click here

Extract from the revelations.
Received from The (ex) BAB Communication Officer 6/9/09

Dear Henry,
I write this email to once and for all state that I am truly sorry for all of the distress caused to you by my email correspondence which contained information I now know to be complete lies and fabrications.
The basis for the lies came from various members of the then BAB Exec team. These meeting were held in both Solihull and Slough at the home of the BAB Secretary, Shirley Timm’s. None of the information discussed at these meeting was minuted in any detail with regard to you. It became apparent very quickly they were trying to recover themselves from a huge mistake they had made with regard to awarding Jack Poole an award for time in Aikido when he clearly had not been in Aikido this long. People turned against you in these meetings and started to bad mouth your good name and character with utter rubbish and fabrication. Shirley Timm’s was the basis and the main instigator in these lies with Tony Davis also adding false anecdotes and recounting tales which now quite clearly never occured. Sadly, I listened to these and believed them. I know now they are completely false.
With Regard,
The (ex) BAB Communication Officer ~ name witheld

Henry Ellis accepted the apology from the BAB executive. The main culprits Mr Sumpter and Ms Timms along with Jack Poole have not.......

Email provided by ex-executive.
"""Message to all executives, be careful what you enter in the minutes as Henry Ellis reads the published minutes ~ V Sumpter """ ~~~Why be careful if you are an honest group of executives ??


Item: 16

Rik Ellis Aikido / MMA

Click image to enlarge.

Co-Main Event ~ Rik `Hammer` Ellis vs Chris Head

UK1 MMA / Cage Fight Night. Saturday November 20th 2010...South Parade Pier. Portsmouth. UK. ( Event SOLD OUT !! )

Click for `Rik Ellis Blog Site `

Latest Fight News !! November 20th ~ Rik Ellis wins first round in 27 seconds with knockout....Rik's previous fight also ended in the first round in 46 seconds.

Scroll down for Rik Ellis article " Aikido in MMA ".



Item: 17

The corruption of British Aikido History.
<- The BAB = "Bad at Budo".
"" The corruption of UK Aikido - Budo history and lineage is all the more further saddened by the depths of the shameless disgusting people who knowingly and willingly offer their support for worthless grades and members"" ~~ Henry Ellis ~~

Protect British Budo History ~ visit the " Aikido Controversy " blog Click for Aikido Controversy Blog

Scroll down for Aikido Articles list." Is Aikido a Martial Art " Read Click here

" The Budo Masters "Click here

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Kenshiro Abbe Sensei ~ KyuShinDo the Abuse

Item: 18

New article " KyuShinDo is not a Martial Art "
Click here

"The Golden age of British Budo" ~ Click here
New Article

Sadly we now see people claiming to have dan grades in ` KyuShinDo ` how on earth can you have a dan grade in a philosophy / theory ?? ....KyuShinDo is a philosophy not a martial art.
We have stated many times `` Kenshiro Abbe Sensei developed his philosophy of KyuShinDo as applicable to his style of Judo.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei NEVER, I repeat NEVER, ever taught Aiki-Jutsu or Aiki-Budo or JuJutsu or JuJitsu....Anyone making the following claims are talking a load of round objects...He never taught any of the following ``KyuShinDo Karate `` ~ `` KyuShinDo Aikido `` ~ `` KyuShinDo JuJutsu `` ~ KyuShinDo Aiki-Jutsu `` ~ KyuShiDo Aiki-Jujutsu `` ... Visit the Kenshiro Abbe Blog

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Blog

Dave Delderfield Sensei and Gerry Gyngel Sensei who both worked in the London office of the BJC with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei stated..
( Gerry Gyngell was a member of Abbe Sensei's Olympic Squad - 3 times Welsh Judo champion of the BJC )

Original students state " We have never heard Abbe Sensei speak of KyuShinDo JuJutsu or simply JuJutsu !!"..
Click ~ KyuShinDo
As a result of the abuse of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei's good name by so many in recent years. These sad people who crave some form of credibility. The following websites / blogs are supported by several surviving ` direct ` students of Abbe Sensei. The abuse of his name is so disrespectful now, what will it be like in a few years time when we the orginal students are not here to expose these cretins and protect the treasured memory and name of the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei ?
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Blog
Click ~ KyuShinDo
British Aikido History Site


Visit the British Aikido History site - 4 Old Photo Galleries.

Read " Is Aikido a Martial Art ? " Click here


Please visit the " British Aikido History Gallery " this one link gives you four old photo galleries Click here ~ British Aikido Photo Galleries

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Rik Ellis " Aikido in MMA " Article

Item: 19

Click for Rik Ellis Blog`Rik Ellis Blog Site `

Left: Nick Chapman MMA ~ Right: Rik Ellis

See the new addition to the ` Aikido in MMA ` article by Jiro Nakazono Sensei.

Rik Ellis is a long time student of Traditional Aikido, he is also seriously involved in MMA / Cage Fight scene.

Rik tells it like his father Henry Ellis, he is straight and in your face when the truth demands it, he will always " tell it as it is ".

The article " Aikido in MMA " is simply Rik's personal view on this often discussed subject of Aikido as a Martial Art and the modern Aikido that is little more than an ""Art "".

Rik is an experienced fighter, he knows the difference between the Aikido that is demonstrated / practiced in the dojo, and how it would apply in a real street situation.

Of course the tree hugging Plastic Samurai have got their ribbons in a twist over his comments....

Click for Rik Ellis Blog`Rik Ellis Blog Site `


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Visit the British Aikido Board Blogspot

Item: 20

Mr Vincent Sumpter is guilty of failing to respect Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Guilty of failing to respect and protect the true history and lineage of British Aikido...Guilty of giving his executives approx £1000 each of members money in so-called ``honariums `...Guilty of adding ``selective `` meeting minutes..Guilty of being the chairman of an organisation in freefall.

Mr Sumpter as the Chairman of the BAB handed the greatest insult ever to the father of Britiah Aikido by refusing to attend the memorial event to the memory of Abbe Sensei..... his executive committee " I would rather resign than attend that event "". As Del Boy would say ````wot a plonker ```.Mr Sumpter- email- " Be careful as Ellis reads the meeting minutes" ....Why be careful if you have nothing to hide ??
Click here...... British Aikido Board Blogspot
The British Aikido Board Blogspot is the site that keeps you informed of the conduct of the BAB ( Bad at Budo ) and the intrigue of its inner circle or clique. See how the BAB executives have a little share out of approx £1000 each of members money each year thanks to Mr V Sumpter, this must now amount to a staggering £10,000 ( approx ). Prior to the election of Mr Sumpter the BAB ran quite well for 30 years with members doing volunteer positions for this work without payment. The BAB whilst taking good care of itself ;-) would not help a small club to purchase new mats. Read how the BAB executives meet and only submit the `` selected `` meeting minutes that suit them and not the members. Read `some` of the large batch of emails from various execs that were handed to Henry Ellis by a ex executive officer of the BAB.

Click here...... British Aikido Board Blogspot

See the Kenshiro Abbe Memorial video at
Aikido Ellis Video

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Aikido ~ The Good ~ The Bad and the Ugly

Item: 21

Mr Jack Poole the pride of the British Aikido Board and the blight on the true history of British Aikido.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whilst I am prepared to admit that Mr Poole was a beginner with me in 1968, I totally deny teaching him the magic lamp...

Below is an email recently received from a student who was also a beginner with Mr Poole in 1968....
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 6:47 PM
Subject: History From Slough And Bracknell Dojos
Attention: Sensei Henry Ellis

Sensei –
My name is Gilmartin, I was one of your students at Slough and Bracknell Sports Centre dojos. I was Mr. Goodwin’s assistant, while John Berloth was yours.
I have just become aware of the bewildering tale of Jack Poole. Your account of the facts tally’s precisely with my memory of that period. I can only conclude that poor Jack has suffered a mental breakdown of some nature and lives in a delusion.
Congratulations on your success, my years as a student of yours count among the best of my life.
Roger Gilmartin 3rd Kyu.


Not so much a new article, rather a collection of brief true stories, some are `good` and other are totally `Bad` and others are downright `Ugly` then there are the `deluded` and the `bizarre`. Some are very `funny` but all are true.
There is the Sensei who teaches students how to breath through their toes ~ The Sensei who askes at a seminar if the assembled students think he should promote himself to 7th dan ~ The guy who projects his Ki through a distraught young childs head ~ The strong guy who poooops himself as a show of strength. The student who gets knocked unconcious with a wooden leg and much more.
The Good ~ The Bad ~ The Ugly ~ The Crass ~ The Liars ~ The Charlatans ~ The Bizarre ~ The Funny ~ The Odd ~ The Frauds ~ The Deluded.

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Great New Aikido Information Sites

Item: 22

British Aikido History Site
Read the amazing article on the British Aikido Board " British Aikido Board Exposed "
Ex Executive officer of the BAB apologises to Henry Ellis Sensei, not only for his part in a hate campaingn at Ellis Sensei, a man who's only crime was the protection of British Aikido History. Ellis was handed a large batch of BAB executive emails exchanged between the BAB chairman and other members. What a load of tossers they really are !.

Aikido Articles
Aikido Articles
There are many articles of interest on this new Aikido article site. Many articles relating to the true documented history and lineage of British Aikido from its inception in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. There is the very popular and widely read " Is Aikido a Martial Art ? " with several articles on Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
5 Photo Galleries
There are 5 photo galleries with many old British Aikido photos, there is also a gallery with many rare photos of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Aikido Ellis Video Channel

Aikido Ellis Video Channel

Visit the Aikido Ellis Video Channel for a rare collection of old Aikido films, there are several rare films of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Early British Aikido 8mm film...I have added a few videos that are not related to British Aikido and Judo history that are worth watching for their entertainment value..I have reluctantly added a few Ki Aikido videos ...