Friday, 26 March 2010

Aikido ~ The Good ~ The Bad and the Ugly

Item: 21

Mr Jack Poole the pride of the British Aikido Board and the blight on the true history of British Aikido.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whilst I am prepared to admit that Mr Poole was a beginner with me in 1968, I totally deny teaching him the magic lamp...

Below is an email recently received from a student who was also a beginner with Mr Poole in 1968....
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 6:47 PM
Subject: History From Slough And Bracknell Dojos
Attention: Sensei Henry Ellis

Sensei –
My name is Gilmartin, I was one of your students at Slough and Bracknell Sports Centre dojos. I was Mr. Goodwin’s assistant, while John Berloth was yours.
I have just become aware of the bewildering tale of Jack Poole. Your account of the facts tally’s precisely with my memory of that period. I can only conclude that poor Jack has suffered a mental breakdown of some nature and lives in a delusion.
Congratulations on your success, my years as a student of yours count among the best of my life.
Roger Gilmartin 3rd Kyu.


Not so much a new article, rather a collection of brief true stories, some are `good` and other are totally `Bad` and others are downright `Ugly` then there are the `deluded` and the `bizarre`. Some are very `funny` but all are true.
There is the Sensei who teaches students how to breath through their toes ~ The Sensei who askes at a seminar if the assembled students think he should promote himself to 7th dan ~ The guy who projects his Ki through a distraught young childs head ~ The strong guy who poooops himself as a show of strength. The student who gets knocked unconcious with a wooden leg and much more.
The Good ~ The Bad ~ The Ugly ~ The Crass ~ The Liars ~ The Charlatans ~ The Bizarre ~ The Funny ~ The Odd ~ The Frauds ~ The Deluded.

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