Thursday, 1 April 2010

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Mr Vincent Sumpter is guilty of failing to respect Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Guilty of failing to respect and protect the true history and lineage of British Aikido...Guilty of giving his executives approx £1000 each of members money in so-called ``honariums `...Guilty of adding ``selective `` meeting minutes..Guilty of being the chairman of an organisation in freefall.

Mr Sumpter as the Chairman of the BAB handed the greatest insult ever to the father of Britiah Aikido by refusing to attend the memorial event to the memory of Abbe Sensei..... his executive committee " I would rather resign than attend that event "". As Del Boy would say ````wot a plonker ```.Mr Sumpter- email- " Be careful as Ellis reads the meeting minutes" ....Why be careful if you have nothing to hide ??
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The British Aikido Board Blogspot is the site that keeps you informed of the conduct of the BAB ( Bad at Budo ) and the intrigue of its inner circle or clique. See how the BAB executives have a little share out of approx £1000 each of members money each year thanks to Mr V Sumpter, this must now amount to a staggering £10,000 ( approx ). Prior to the election of Mr Sumpter the BAB ran quite well for 30 years with members doing volunteer positions for this work without payment. The BAB whilst taking good care of itself ;-) would not help a small club to purchase new mats. Read how the BAB executives meet and only submit the `` selected `` meeting minutes that suit them and not the members. Read `some` of the large batch of emails from various execs that were handed to Henry Ellis by a ex executive officer of the BAB.

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See the Kenshiro Abbe Memorial video at
Aikido Ellis Video

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