Saturday, 8 May 2010

Rik Ellis " Aikido in MMA " Article

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Left: Nick Chapman MMA ~ Right: Rik Ellis

See the new addition to the ` Aikido in MMA ` article by Jiro Nakazono Sensei.

Rik Ellis is a long time student of Traditional Aikido, he is also seriously involved in MMA / Cage Fight scene.

Rik tells it like his father Henry Ellis, he is straight and in your face when the truth demands it, he will always " tell it as it is ".

The article " Aikido in MMA " is simply Rik's personal view on this often discussed subject of Aikido as a Martial Art and the modern Aikido that is little more than an ""Art "".

Rik is an experienced fighter, he knows the difference between the Aikido that is demonstrated / practiced in the dojo, and how it would apply in a real street situation.

Of course the tree hugging Plastic Samurai have got their ribbons in a twist over his comments....

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