Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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"Is Aikido a Martial Art" ~ "Aikido in MMA" ~ "Golden age of British Budo" ~ "Theory of Kyushindo" ~ See article list R/H column."

Aikido Articles Blog - See Articles List in Right Hand Column.
The visitor will find a host of factual MA articles on several subjects.
Select your choice from the list of over 20 articles in the right hand column.
Scroll down - controversial article "Aikido in MMA" by Rik Ellis.
"Is Aikido a Martial Art?" - by Henry Ellis.

If you prefer crass intrigue - subterfuge ? then read the "British Aikido Controversy".The story of one mans EGO and deceit supported by the governing body for UK Aikido.

Visit the British Aikido Board Exposed Blog - read of the conduct of the UK Aikido governing body.- - BAB EXPOSED - Click here.

Several of the articles by Henry Ellis have been published in international Martial Arts Magazines.- UK - USA - Aus.
One can also read below the article contribution from Rik Ellis in "Fighters Only Magazine" with Steven Seagal's involvement in MMA.

British Aikido Board Blog - Click here ->BAB Blog - BAB Exposed - Blog

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