Tuesday, 14 February 2012

______________From Disgust to Gratitude____________


In the year 2000 the now discredited British Aikido Board (BAB) and one Jack Poole conspired with others to alter to their own advantage the true proud history and lineage of UK Aikido forever.

Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman were once founder members of the once respected BAB - they were disgusted - they protested - they were ignored - they resigned - they fought back.

Sport England demanded the BAB issue Henry Ellis with a written apology - the BAB reluctantly and painfully did as demanded/ordered.They then resorted to making false slanderous statements about the good character of Henry Ellis.They have not yet apologised for this.

Ellis & Eastman were two of the pioneer Aikido dan grades from the inception of Aikido with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and K Williams Sensei 1950s.

The ESTA is one of the oldest organisations in the UK.It is ten years since we resigned from the BAB - We have proved that there is no advantage to being a member of this discredited NGB.

Visit the BAB Blog - British Aikido Board Blog

Ellis & Eastman are now grateful despite their earlier disgust with these crass people,there was now a need to defend the truth, not only for their own well being,but just as importantly for future generations of Aikidoka who deserve the truth.

The actions of the discredited British Aikido Board motivated both Ellis & Eastman to share their memories along with many of their old photos and documents.They have written several articles and the book `Positive Aikido` all in defence of their proud history and lineage.

They are now grateful to both the discredited BAB and Jack Poole for the motivation they provided to Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman in their protection of UK Aikido history.
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Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman 6th dan AikiKai Hombu.

"No matter your pretense - you are what you are and nothing more" - Kenshiro Abbe.

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